C-clamp stumper


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What size wrench do you use for the big yoke bolt on an altman 510?
crescent is not a valid answer
No, I think that's the diameter of the bolt, not the size of the head.
Wrong side of the speed wrench avkid. 99% of all 1/2" bolts measure 3/4" across flats. You can find some 1/2" bolt types especially in the nut for it that has a 7/8" across flats, but it's normally 3/4".

7/8" is the size you sometimes use on a cheeseborough, though it is more common to be 15/16" as the next size up as also used on 5/8" bolts such as for truss.
K thanks.
Ya the Gator Grip works on almost everything so i would use that or take every wrench head you got and figure it all out. :evil: :twisted:
We have one, I should try it.
Wow good idea :evil: :twisted:

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