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This is my first post on Control booth... found the site the other night looking for some Gelling info i think..

I was wondering if anyone has any CAD Stencils of common Lighting Fixtures for Microsoft Visio or AutoCad, Ive recently started using these programs after Vectorworks (i didnt like it at all!!) and need some stencils!! I have all the selecon ones, but cant find them anywhere else.

let me know if you have some.. or where to get them, and im also interested to see what software other people use!?

Catch ya's :)
CAD is a great program to use, expensive but works great on large shows. But, I also draw all of my plots by hand, it's a good skill to know.I dont always have my labtop with me when im working on a show and If i need to make a quick fix, i need to be able to make it on the spot. Os if you dont already have a fixture template, I think you should get one. They are inexpensive and a tool I always have with me when working on a show.

yes, i agree... i made my own stencils for hand drawn plots. I do an intial rough plot by hand, then once i have made changes will put it onto cad. if changes do need to be made i just draw over the printed version! but generally have my laptop at gigs to do cue sheets etc. as my handwriting often gets pretty crappy after 100 or so cues lol 8O
CAD is great, never used Vectorworks. Another great soft I'm beggining to like a lot is Capture ( I'm thinking of buying it, but I'm not quite sure yet. As for CAD, if you know how to use it its a great tool, and as a side plus, people love to see a CAD plot, every client I have likes it when I arrive with a computer printed tidy plot....
A company called Bytecraft out here supply stenciles, which make hand drawn plots 110% easier. They are just a stencile of the most common lighting fixtures, par cans, pc, fresnels etc.

they will generally give them out to you for free too....
I use the Field Template stencil, 1/4" scale. Wide range of fixtures, and some other shapes too.
Field Template makes a et called SoftSymbols, but they cost money. Darn.

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