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Cadac J-type Manual

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by Eboy87, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Eboy87

    Eboy87 Well-Known Member

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    Chicago, IL
    Long shot, but I haven't been having very much success with Cadac's website, I guess it's because of their business troubles. Long story short, I have an opportunity to get a sound design internship at the Muny, and wanted to read the J-type's manual, since that's what they're running, just to be prepared.

    If you have a digital copy of the manual, could someone please e-mail me (provided it's not breaking copyright laws). My e-mail should be in my profile.

    Thanks guys.
  2. mbenonis

    mbenonis Wireless Guy Administrator

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    Radio Engineer
    Washington, DC
    Shoot Mark or Tony at Cadac an e-mail - either should be able to help you.

    mark.r <at> cadac-sound <dot> com
    tony <at> cadac-sound <dot> com

    BTW, it is worth mentioning that Cadac has gone into Administration (the British equivalent of bankruptcy). Sadly, they just couldn't get their next-gen console to market in time and sales dried up apparently.

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