Call To Action - Ask Congress pass RESTART Act as a standalone bill.


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Jan 31, 2003
DC Metro Area
From Michael T. Strickland


Below is the latest NAMM RESTART Call To Action.

We are focusing on a very direct ask of House members to pass the House RESTART bill as a clean, stand-alone bill and then move it to the Senate.

While we realize the path to passing it as a clean bill is difficult, we are hoping that as an alternative they adopt the RESTART language into a larger relief bill.

This is the most direct, simple form of ask we have made.

You click on the down arrow once you see your Representatives name if you wish to alter the message.

Please pass this to as many people as possible. Broadcast it to your entire e-mail or organization list.
Our strength is in our numbers. Thank each of you for all you do and please reach out today.

Time is short and every single contact matters.

Thank you and be safe,
Michael T. Strickland
Chair and Founder
Bandit Lites