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I was finally able to get to Computer Cops just now only to find this EXTREMELY DISTRESSING statement from Paul:

I'm basically putting out a notice to everyone, that unless I can get some sort of serious funding to continue operating then these may be the final days of the sites being in operation. The bad guys are hitting us the only way they can... in the wallet [using a DDoS attack]. It'd break my heart to see this place go away because growth has gone far beyond the funding at hand.

For those who may not know, Computer Cops is the sister site of Nuke Cops. Nuke Cops is the SOLE reason that is still operating today. owes Nuke Cops a debt of gratitude, especially to Zhen-Xjell and IACOJ (site admins and newly-weds :p ).

I know many of you don't even have checking accounts yet, but for those of you who do, could you find it in your hearts to support And for those who don't have a checking account yet, ask your parents if they could help you donate. This is not a matter where one big amount of cash will come in and everything will be all right... this is a matter of lots of little amounts of cash to support this irreplaceable site.

To donate, go to Computer Cops and click on the PayPal donate button in the left column.

Due to lack of long-term sufficient funding, is being sold to the highest bidder. Thanks to anyone who helped out and donated!! It is much appreciated!

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