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im doing narnia at a childrens theatre and where doing it at the courtyard theatre in plano instead of building castles were going to get 2 castle gobos which ones should i get to match the narnia theme i need them to be fairly inexpensive and the size is unknown until the 29th thanks
I would suggest going online and looking through gobo catalogues and finding the gobo that you want, then calling a company (I personally use production advantage, google them) and ordering the gobo that you want. Then its the simple matter of putting it in the light, and focusing said light.

Rosco has some nice gobos, plus their catalogue is online here

Gam also has some nice gobos, but I don't think their catalogue is online.

There are thousands of other companies that make and sell gobos, if you do a quick google search you will find several companies.

You could also make your own artwork and send it to several companies and they will cut you gobos from that artwork, so if you have an artistic image of the castle, you can have them cut that image.

You really can't just come here and post the question "i want a castle, tell me what to get", art doesn't really work like that. I hope the Rosco gobo catalogue gives you a good start of what your looking for.
Apollo makes alot of Gobo designs...i think that the user Kelite (sp?) is affiliated with Apollo. I got a large amount of literature through him for free.
Yes, Gam and Apollo are others who make nice gobos. If you have time, I would suggest going to their websites and requesting catalogues, they usually ship them out for free.
Having a few gobo catalogs on hand is always a very nice thing to have. Just as you have gel books, the gobo catalogs make it easy for you and others to see the options quickly.
WE have a couple of gobo posters, they make great decoration for the boothe besides being useful....
Some places will also make custom GOBO designs. What does your scenic artist have in mind? Maybe if you don't find a stock version you can have one created from a sketch?

Narnia... sounds like a fun show :).

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