"Caveman's" Light Board... Hummm...


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Happened to go to the Chauvet site while on another thread and found a new product that I have been looking for. It is the most basic light board for movers I have ever seen! One problem I run into is putting small rentals together for people who have never touched a light board in there life, but still want movers. I spend hours trying to explain the most basic of features. This thing simply has 14 sliders for programming up to 14 feature channels (page able to 32), 12 fixture buttons, and 8 scene buttons (page able to 240) its called the DMX-70


Now this board would personally drive me crazy due to lack of everything, but on fixtures with less than 14 channels, you could explain how to run them to almost anyone in about 5 minutes. What I see is a solution to the person that only wants to rent a couple of fixtures to do something basic, and has no prior experience with lighting control.


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While the console does seem like it would suite your needs, I have found any of the DJ marketed controllers to be absolutely maddening, as I'm sure you have found them as well. Someone with NO experience with MLs will probably become even more frustrated than someone like ourselves, who at least have a clue about what is supposed to be happening.

Also, while the console might be easy enough to figure out, trouble shooting ML problems is definitely not some thing the average electrician/designer can do. As much as being the renter you should just be happy to have the stuff go out the door, I'm sure you don't want to be getting panicked phone calls at 8:00pm on a Saturday because someone who doesn't understand MLs very well has their whole rig down because of some silly little problem.


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I have to agree. We operate a rental division, if anyone wants a DMX driven show it goes out with one of our technicians or it doesn't leave the shop.

Just not worth the hassle.


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One of the places I rent from has a system with 4 lights (Martin 812) and a 2 space controller, I think it's a Martin 2504 or something. No programming capabilities, just playback. Pretty basic. Maybe you should look for a playback only controller. But I agree with Bill. DMX = qualified technician.

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