CB Coverage of LDI 2018


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Senior Team
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@techteama is an old friend of mine and we've worked together off and on since college in the 90's. He's been a CB member for 10 years but reads far more than he posts. After years of telling him he has to go to LDI, he's finally coming this year and he's going to be helping out with some of our official CB coverage as well. After years of going and becoming used to the experience, I look forward to reading about LDI from a first timer's point of view.

@dvsDave and I will be doing our best to cover all the latest interesting stuff as usual. While we all look forward to seeing the new products from the big manufactures every year. My favorite thing is finding that cool little widget or product that is really different and something we all can't live without. Keep watching this forum for updates from all of us. Post follow up questions to our posts and of course list things you are interested in us checking out over in the request thread and we'll see what we can do for you.

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