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CD-80 controller cards

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by nickpl, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. nickpl

    nickpl Member

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    Eagle River, WI

    I was wondering if anyone might have the electrical schematics for the cd-80 Portable dimmer pack control cards. I have five controller cards, three of which are dead, and two that are likely to fail. My father is an electrical engineer, and was kind enough to offer to try and fix them, but he needs the schematics of the card before he can really look into fixing them.

    If anyone is interested in hearing the full story, I'll most likely post it in either the punching bag, or what when wrong, I'm just trying to decide if its funny, or I just want to vent.


  2. bdesmond

    bdesmond Active Member

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    Chicago, IL USA

    The only schematics I see in the CD80 documentation I have is for the dimmer modules. It's questionable as to whether Strand would give the info to you, but, you could try calling their LA office.

    I think in your area Grand Stage is the Strand rep, I'm not sure who the person to call there is though.

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