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CD players or Minidisc?

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So, following up on a thread that is still sort of going on, my question to you, O knowledgeable techie community, is this:

Shall the theatre at which I work keep the CD players that we have, or shall we make the switch to Minidisc?
minidisk... the little disk that could. your choice should be based on what u mainly do with it. if your working on more music playbacks for dance shows and such then cd will probily better b/c its easer to work with cds and computers to make tracklists for shows. however if your working with a lot of sound effecs and short little sound bites then minidisk would be a better choice because of the whole track and quick sarching you can do but you have to do most of the work rite there at the deck so working on it with a computer can be hard. my best advice to you is to get a CD MD all in one unit. you get the best of both worlds and usualy are able to dub things from cd to md faster than normal (only on a few tho). but do soem reaserch and figure out what is the solution for your theater
hmm... I'm not a huge fan of PC's. I'd probably have to go with a mac, but that makes things more expensive. Either way, what are some good software options for each?

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