Vintage Lighting Century pin spot?


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Found this hanging in the back room of an antique shop. I've never seen one before. At first I thought it was some kind of 35mm projector, given the size of lens, but the is no media slot. Some heathen has gutted it and placed a med screw base in it so no idea what was in there originally. I think the thing was Cast iron.
Hey, Look what I found in a 1960 Century catalog It's not the same catalog number but it has a similar size and apparent config. I'm wondering if I can find an older catalog:


Catalog here: 1960 century catalog
Barton Antique Mall out on 224. Nice drive.
Yeah I know that one I think. Our go-to camping spots were on the clackamas past estacada - before they all burned up, that is. I’m potentially going to be out that way next weekend for some makers market thing - I’ll see if I can convince my wife to stop on the way home.
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Certainly worth in the $100.00 range to find out. Possibly something important and rare, but the photo is bad. I know I have a fixture waiting at an antiques shop for years now that's over priced. Dependant on asking price a chance or better photos to identify it. Otherwise it looks like too fresh of paint and Bondo buildup in caution.

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