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If you signed up by midnight yesterday(Feb. 18th) , then you will be eligible for the first officially licensed Shirt. <center>

Details will follow
Yes, I know they aren't black, but they may change depending on what I can work out with a print shop.</center>
how much are they?
I am guessing between $14 and $18, plus S/H.... still working out final deal with the printers.
Are the shirts in the picture gray? Gray has become an acceptable color for me in construction situations, I still prefer black though. They look great.
tha shirts inteh picture are grey, but we are looking into getting them in black...
If you get em in black, I think you got a number of willing customers ;)
What about ball caps? If you had ball caps I would be a big spender here. I go through those things like crazy.

Rock Springs Wy.
caps are doable...

give me till tuesday, I may have a whole shop up for you! -including ballcaps
neato shirts!! Ya the black cloth would go over more than grey...maybe do the logo in glow in the dark?<G>

actually, now that i think about it, making the shirts G-I-T-D isnt practical, it would about double the cost of them from the supplier. if you want them to glow, go buy a $3-4 thing of G-I-T-D paint and go over the lettering, much cheaper :)
If you manage to get the shirts in black, you definitely have a customer here!
Here to!
the shirts look really cool.
How would it work, pay via paypal or what?
i would definatly contribute- maybe not a cap tho- how about visors?
The shirt looks awesome! I know alot of other people have added this too but if you can get them in black they just might become my stage/controlbooth shirts. Goodluck getting everything together!
soon... very soon... almost ready to switch servers...

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