Automated Fixtures Chauvet Legend 412 and QWash 560Z troubleshooting


Hi folks,

I'm hoping someone has had the same problem and can point me in the right direction.

I have a Chauvet Legend 412 on which the LEDs will not light, or for lack of a better term it will not "lamp on". It responds to data and will pan, tilt and send data down the line.

So far I've pulled it apart, cleaned all the connections, checked capacitors and looked for anything obviously wrong.

I also have a QWash 560Z LED with a similar problem, so I suspect this is caused by a Chauvet design flaw or is common among Chauvet fixtures.

Any insight or advice appreciated!

Many thanks.
Hi. I have a Legend 412 with a similar issue. Sometimes after power up it will work for an hour but then goes dark. Most of the time it just fails to light up. It's the same in DMX, manual or test modes. Like you, I cleaned it and tested all voltages. It does not appear to be a hardware issue in terms of the LEDs or their drivers. Unless anybody has any tips it will need to go back for repair.

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Thank you andrew.sharratt.5 for chiming in. Hopefully someone has some tips or insight.

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