Hi all: I'm lighting a dance show in a few weeks and they need strobe lights for a couple numbers. The stage is pretty large (55' long by 43'5" deep and 31ish feet tall - although the front is a thrust)

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the Chauvet Mini Strobe LED. Do you think 4 of them would cover the stage? Also if I control their power supply through our Express board they should sync up, right?

If these fixtures wouldn't be suitable, can anybody recommend anything that would suitable? I'd love to buy if the cost is low enough, but I'm also happy to rent.



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You'd need about 50 of those to make a visible impression on a stage of that size. And even that wouldn't be that bright - they're about as bright as a decent flashlight. For a stage that size if the rest of the stage was dark I'd use no fewer than (4) Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobes (these would require 208v power), or really any of the modern, large-format LED strobes - Showline Nitro 510, SGM X5, Clay Paky Stormy, Solaris Flare (if the Flare you might only need 2 if the rest of the stage was dark - those things kick really hard), or more budget would be the Chauvet Strike 882 or Elation Protron 3K LED. Just ask your local rental house what they have in terms of LED strobes. If you will have other systems of lights on and expect to make an impact I'd do at least (6) of any of those units or (4) Solaris Flares.

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