Chauvet Shadow 125 vs Elation UV Wash


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Looking to use some blacklight on a rock show, primarily during breaks to set a mood using items done up in uv paint. (also helps road crew who use uv markers) Throw would be about 20 feet of a front truss. Been looking at getting a pair of Chauvet Shadow 125s, or Elation UV wash(s). As a reminder:

Chauvet- Mercury Vapor 125w, Wood's glass bulb, great spikes in that region, less "purple bleed", long start up.

Elation - Florescent, Wood's glass type coating on bulb, more "purple bleed", fast start-up.

So, the start up time is not important on this show, but might be in a future application. Still, the big problem is that neither manufacturer actually tells you the output of their fixture. I suspect that the Shadow has a higher output and tighter beam control. Still, anybody out their done an A/B?

Not much into renting as these guys are cheap (~$140) and no point in spending a bundle on some of the more pro units.


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Well, you are most likely correct in assuming that the Chauvet fixture is a higher output than the Elation, it says it is, 125w MH lamp vs 100w florescent. I would personally look into spending a little more money if this is going on tour with a rock show, I think I would want a fixture that was a little more robust. I would look in the Black Widow by L&E or some of the WildFire fixtures.


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What is your budget? That would really determine what you can get. If it's a low budget your probably stuck with the Chauvet items. The big names UV effects from people like Altman all start at around $600 and get up to $3,000. While Wildfire units would be nice, they are probably to expensive for your budget.

If you can afford them, I'd recommend the classic Altman UV flood. Being a classic they are common and might be found used.

What about the 400 watt Chauvet Blacklight?

The links are random, just for a visual. Overall, Chauvet isn't the worst, just depends how heavy duty this is going to be.


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I need to mention one thing about the Chauvet Shadow. It... Is.... The.... HEAVIEST UV light I have ever ran into. Regardless of where it is being hung, you need 2 C-Clamps on it other wise the yoke ends up warping.


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I'd suggest the UV Wash. We use one for a dance recital and it nicely covers a 20' x 30' area when hung at 15'.

They can be had for about $ 130.00 with free shipping.
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Thanks for the input on these units. The Shadow checks in at about 17 pounds, and that has to be considered as I am not getting any younger! The Black Shadow (400 watt unit) checks in at almost 30 pounds! The Elation looks like 11 pounds. I am leaning toward the Elation, I just wish these guys gave some hint of light output!


As mentioned above it really depends on your budget. Wildfire's are the best in my opinion, but a tad pricey. On the cheap end you could always put some L181 or G890 in some wash fixtures. Or if your rig has any CMY fixtures you could use those.


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The black shadow is like the UV Cannon. I've used two of these, they take at least 10 minutes to warm up to operational level, they have a lighter tint of UV light, (most of the illumination is really in the UV area. They are pretty good about covering a large area (think the spec is 60x70) and will definitely light up UV sensitive material, but you will not get the "uv light wash coloration" so it depends on what you are looking for. The pricing on these varies all over the lot, the lamps show up on ebay for about 25 dollars, they are pretty simple in side, a transformer balast, a cap and the socket. I have had Cap failures which dramatically reduces the output level.

They are heavy, get pretty hot, reasonably effective, long start up time



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I'm going to bump this up with relevant purpose.

For the haunted house I'm working on, we're lighting an auditorium in black light. Our electrician is interested in Chauvet fixtures - the only real product of theirs that would suit our needs is the 400w Black Shadow. Anyone have experience with this?

What is the cost/benefit analysis of getting this versus a comparable Wildfire fixture or as the electrician suggested, taking a standard 400w HID outdoor light fixture, and throwing a UV spectrum lens on it?


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A standard HID fixture would probably not work well. Regular glass filters out the UV reducing the effect. The Wood's Glass used on the BL HID lamps passes the UV. I would think the Chauvet 400 watt units would give you bang for the buck for a room that large. Of course, if it's only for a night or two, renting Wildfires might be a better idea.

Basically, the Chauvet is a 400 watt mercury bulb with a Wood's Glass envelope.

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