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Hey looking to upgrade my personal freelance system and i was wondering if anyone has anyidea where i could find a "cheap" board, perferrabley 10+ channals, nothing fancy, know...just for working with the local high school kids
What do you mean by "cheap"? "Cheap" for some people means something alot different than "cheap" for other people.

I would go for a Mackie if you're on a budget. While some people don't like them because they won't last as long as some of the high-end boards, but all of the Mackies that I have used have performed flawlessly. And some of them have been over five years old. Go for the CFX-16 MKII or CFX-20 MKII (12 or 16 mic channels) if you can afford it. While it's not as good as a high-end Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, or Midas board, it's much better than Behringer.

If you can afford more, go for an Allen & Heath "PA Series".
When i say "cheap" im looking for a second hand board that can take a beating and still run in the HS students price range. Im just going to be using it for a little side job of making the local garage bands think they sound good and get a little backing for the future...perferably in the 100-300 range. Hopefully someone out there has something like this for sale maybe?
Keep a check on eBay. There's a solid batch of stuff running through there on a regular basis. Look for something like a peavey or a mackie with 12 xlr inputs and a pair of stereo channels. That should just about do it. They're usually in the $150-$250 range. Just make sure that there are no known problems with it and email the seller if they don't explicitly say that there are no known issues. I speak from experience.
Some people will jump on me for suggesting Behringer but they do have some nice gear at a reasonable price in the mixers. I have seen an old Behringer 32 channel board in a school provide great sound for a production of Les Mis. I have a behringer amp and with no signal connected and full sensitivity set it is absolutely quiet on the output.

If you have a local supplier who stocks Behringer it might pay to buy new with a warranty rather then a second hand board of unknown quality.
My old middle school's got the UB2442FX-Pro (10 mic channels) and it works fine, no problems.
The music director at my church is a touring musician with a christian music band. (the name escapes me) He just bought a new soundboard for our church for $500. 24 XLR, 8 AUX w/ 1/4in, 1/8in, and RCA inputs. Built in effects. GREAT stuff. I forget the name brand. I don't know where he found the deal but I'll ask him.
I know it wasn't a Behringer. I could figure out what type it was. He bought it from a music store. Not mail order. Anyways, that was the last one. I'll try to fighre out what it is this weekend. I think it starts with an "H"???

Why do you hate musician's friend? My school orders from them, and they've always provided us with low prices, fast shipping, and great service.
CHScrew said:
I know it wasn't a Behringer. I could figure out what type it was. He bought it from a music store. Not mail order.

Hmm.... you have thoroughly confused me.

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