Cheap desktop mic stands...

It might sound really weird, but... I was jamming with a couple friends this weekend and we'd all crammed into my room and we wanted to do a little recording of some stuff we'd written, so I went through my adapter box and grabbed a mic and plugged it into my computer. The problem was when it came time to recording vocals we needed a stand and I don't own any... So I grabbed the first thing that I saw. A blank CD spindle.

You know what I'm talking about; those spindles that blank CDs some on when you buy them. I stuck the microphone clip on top of the spindle and, surprise surprise, it fit perfectly. It isn't the nicest looking of solutions, but if you're ever in need of a desktop mic stand, or just a stand that is really low, then look no further than your computer and that pack of blank CDs you've got sitting next to it.


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Normal practice for me dictates that i use large amounts of gaffers tape to simply affix the mic to the desk or monitor... I will have to remember to try that...

Two of the more 'bootleg' things I did:

1) Taped some cheap sampson mic right into the horn of my Baritone sax during a jam session. Despite being naturally lacking in highs, it easily served its purpose.

2) Took my pair of AKG - 66 headphones and taped the mic right to the side of one ear. Voila! Cheap headset mic!


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My favourite cheap mounting method was one time in New Orleans where I saw a jazz upright bass player wrap an SM57 in foam and shove it down into the part where the strings meet the body agan under the bridge. Worked fine; I just don't want to know if that's damaging the bass or not :/

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