Cheap/Free Light Plot Software?

What Light Plot software do you use?

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Does anyone know of a cheaper, effective light plotting software? I really like SoftPlot, but the demo is so limited that I can't do anything with it. VW is just too expensive, and WYS is not effective for what I need. Does anyone know of a good, cheaper/free alternative?

Can't wait to hear from ya'll!!



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lx designer...ive messed around wtih it a few times


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since when was LightWrite a plotting program? thats a paperwork program.

though, i personally think that the best is hand drafting.
I believe a student version of Vectorworks is only about $200. That's what i got. I searched around for some alternatives, but always came back to VW, SoftPlot, WYG.


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I believe Microlux has a free version, I use wyg, but plan on switching to VW, the drafting in wyg sucks.


Wysiwyg is unveiling a new pricing structure in January of 2006. Maybe along with a new pricing structure they'll update the CAD interface. I agree Radman, compared to AutoCADD wyg just sucks.


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Academic Superstore has great student discounts. Vectorworks 12 + Renderworks 12 is only like $159.90 for K-12 and college students! I just found it today and I plan on buying VW along with some other things (maybe a 2 gig SanDisk memory key!) soon! They also have free ground shipping (at least currently they do)!


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k-12 eh? I wonder how many 1st graders buy vector works in a year?


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kingfisher1 said:
k-12 eh? I wonder how many 1st graders buy vector works in a year?

K12 is the industry term for the lower-ed vertical. is another one of those discount stores.

Personally, I used to draw it all by hand, I had paper I'd printed that had scale outlines of stage, locations of pipes, etc and I'd draw whatever I wanted on it by hand. USually used lightwright to do the paperwork though Excel can do it just as well.


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