Cheapest reseller?


I'm in need of two more wireless mics for our upcoming musical. We have four Shure ULX receivers, only two of which are being used with body packs (we have 4 handhelds). I'd like to purchase 2 more ULX packs and capsules... this way we can save on the cost of the receivers.

My question is where to look to make the purchase. Obviously, I want the best price I can find. Full Compass has the ULX transmitter listed at $320.66 each. Any idea if that's pretty much the going rate or if I could do better?

From my experience, Northern Sound & Light has the best prices. They have beat out all of our bids for wired mics, wireless mics, cables, everything. You just have to email/call them for their prices though, because they are too low to be published on the web.

Northern Sound & Light
one word-ebay
The only technicality with eBay is that most schools must purchase through purchase orders, and the seller has to be verified and have a physical address, phone number, fax number, and a non-DOA warranty of some type. At least these are the conditions for our school. The fax number is non-essential, but most of the rest is. EBay does have some good deals, but sometimes there are some severe rip-offs. You have to watch what you do, and sometimes take a risk. That's why schools go for established sellers and warehouses.

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