Christmas in August!


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Of course Christmas comes more than once a year!

So, last year, for our big musical, we did Urinetown here. We rented an LS9-32, and used that, and LOVED it. We continuously joked about not returning it and just paying the rental company the full price of the console so that we could keep it. We of course returned it.

Jump ahead to this semester...we're upgrading sound systems. LS9-32 for the proscenium space, LS9-16 for the Blackbox space. The Blackbox space also gets a cobranet card and two DME8o-C units for the sixteen individually addressable speakers in the ceiling, and a DME8i-C as extra inputs to bring it up to 24 analog ins. The DME8o-C units will actually eliminate all of our need for external Mains processing, and free up a boatload of audio gear that we will be using elsewhere.

We're also thinking about getting some CIO-4 units from Atterotech (affiliate of Cirrus, use Cirrus chips in their boxes) for a distributed solution in the Proscenium space.

Basically, just had to release some exuberant energy, and found this to be the best place to do it.


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Boy, I wish that would happen out here in California!

In our little theater we still have no significant sound budget, so I've been scrounging ...

I've managed to find some EQs pretty cheap, as well as a feedback suppressor and compressor to play with for the upcoming season. I also found a pair of Mackie subs really cheap that will hopefully shake the house when needed.

For board expansion? Well, I did the cheapest thing I could -- I bought a Mackie CFX16 to daisy-chain to our existing CFX20. For under $400 this lets me run 12+ wireless mics, using grouping and on-board FX, and route to the other board where I can manage the sound cue inputs, 8 output channels and a recording aux. Would I like to replace this setup with a single better board? Sure! ... but I can't get anything that is even remotely in the ballpark of what I spent on this :| Maybe someday, either when the theater gets more money, or when I cave in any buy it myself ...

Tech for our first show in four days!


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Save up your pennies and buy a yamaha O1v for like $800. It has 16 channels with eq and compression on every channel, so you don't have to drag around a extra rack. If you have the money, you can go with the DM1000 for 32 channels if you use the input card and that gives you more options than is really neccessary.

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