Chroma Q color scrollers


Anyone know where i can download the profiles for these?
MANY thanks
The Chroma Q range is made by A.C. Lighting and I would imagine that would be your best place to look.

Other than that, you might try the manufacturer of your board and see if

a) they list it, or
b) they have a user forum on which you could ask.

Hope this helps.
we are looking at buying a few, depending on how this show goes, as we got a grant for some new stuff....hehe so yeah we might get a few, think they are worth the money?
Does anyone know where I can find an electronic version of the Chroma Q (original) scroller user manual? I just inherited 16 scrollers plus power packs, and just want to have it on hand for when things break. I've been searching the web for a few hours, but I seem to just be turning up broken links.

Thanks so much!
None of the three manuals that Derek linked to, are the original. The original can be identified as having three rotary switches for setting the DMX address. All other Chroma Q scrollers have dip switches for setting the DMX address. The gel cuts are the same in the "Broadway" and the MKIIs as the original, with the exception of the leader and tail. The leaders for the digital and MKII plus the Broadway will work on an Original, but not the other way around.
The originals with the three address switches require manual calibration for first frame, and the number of frames in a string. All of Chroma Q scrollers with the dip switches, are auto calibrating, and thus the need for the exact leader and tail.
As far as the manuals go, all of the later versions will work for the originals in every aspect, except the calibration process. It has been several years now, but I downloaded the manual for the original at one time, But after printing it out, I am not sure if it is on one of my computers or not.
I have sent messages to several people on the CB forum on how to calibrate the manual scrollers. I will have to look around an see if I can find the message. If you are unable to find an original manual, email me.

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Oh! and by the way the Chroma Q scrollers are not made by ACL. They are manufactured by Spectrum engineering in Canada. Spectrum does not sell under their own name and only manufactures for other brands.

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