Chroma Q DB4 - How Bright?


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Aug 1, 2009
Burlington, ON, Canada
Hi There,

I was just wondering how bright these fixtures are. I know they are quite old now but there is a couple on ebay for a good price. Are they roughly equivalent to a gelled 100 watt Halogen? 250 watt halogen?


Bear in mind: You will also need the power supply to run them, they're not DMX Plug-and-play, they take 4-pin from a compatible PSU. (IE: Chroma-Q PSU05)

They're punchy, sure... Or they were when they first came out... We've been using them since they were new kit, and they work wonderfully as footlights thanks to their small form factor. They certainly punch colour through a front wash, provided you're not just throwing lumens at the stage with a bucket.
That all being said, as I said, they were punchy when they first came out... Not sure if they're getting dimmer with age, or if the new tech that's coming out is just brighter (at home, and I don't have any specs handy), but they pale in comparisson to a lot of the cheaper LED gear I've touched lately... With even some Chauvet stuff blowing them away.
We used to have the 30Deg beam spreader (Part CHCBBK30) in them, but recently removed it just to get back some of the raw punch it was costing us...

As always, your mileage may vary... But in my opinion, there's probably some better (newer) tech out there. (Also a lot of stuff that doesn't require a proprietary PSU)