CITT's PM/TDArts Conference


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Next week CITT will be hosting their annual PM/TDArts Conference (they also have a SMArts) June 10-17th and you can attend virtually (and have a per-session price if you only want to attend a single session). I would love to attend but I'm busy most of next week (gotta keep catching up from covid). I might be attending a couple sessions if I can swing it.
Was wondering if anyone was planning on attending (I know most of the CBers are south of the border and likely didn't even know CITT was a thing "What USITT has a Canadian counterpart?!").

In August CITT is also having their main conference in Calgary. For once it's not during one of my big events of the year so I could attend but I really can't head to Calgary for a week unfortunately.

Very much looking forward to ESAC (Event Safety Alliance Canada) to rebook their conference. I attended the ESA conference this year virtually and really enjoyed the content.



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Would love to. I tried to get my previous employer to be a part of it, but it was hard to convince them to stick with USITT even. With my new job, it's even less likely.

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