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I am looking for a "classic" looking mic stand to go with my Shure 55SH Series II mic. If anyone has any ideas,I would like something similar to the MC 97,but in a chrome finish.
Trust me I have tried that effect before, it is almost impossible to keep moving parts moving and it usually takes hours of sanding and buffing! To top it off that voids the warranty!
just buy a cheap stand and paint it.
Mic stand

Would a 25 or 30 year old Atlas stand work??? It's chrome with a black base. I have two pole and three pole. This type has a knurled clutch...
Mic stand

Ok...Two base with chrome post and clutch at top..(chrome with ridges around it) then one telescoping extension, attach mic of your choice....Three pole...same as above, but has a second clutch and another telescoping extension. The three pole extends over 6 feet high max and the two pole about 5'-5" max

I don't have my full compass cat. with me, so I don't know if they still sell these. I replaced all of my old stands with Ultimate stacking stands, can stack six on top of each other in one place, 'tis good as I don't have a lot of storage room, I'd found the tripod bases were too easy to kick over and catch on instrument cables...They look cool though...

How soon do you need it??? If not like "tommorow"... I can do a digi pic and e-mail you if you'd like...
Avkid tfactech will probably explain it better but I thought I would check out my general knowledge.

I believe two pole means the mike stand has two sections of pipe. One moves inside the other. You alter the height of the mike stand by moving the inner section up and down within the outer section.

The knurled clutch is screwed onto the top of the outer section, and the inner section passes through it. By screwing it one way you are releasing the pressure off the inner section and you can then slide it up and down to alter the height. Screw it back the other way and it puts pressure on the inner section stopping it from moving. The knurled part just refers to the metal working technique of cutting criss cross lines in a piece of metal so you can get a good grip on it.

This was a common technique a number of years ago and it sounds like this mike stand would be what you want.
That's better...

Thanks explained it better that I could...The mind is not functioning too well today...I just looked at my stands...(stored in the catwalk) mine have vertical ribs cut into the clutch...

you passed the test !!!
While we are sort of on the subject, what kind of mic cable(jacket specifically)was used in and around the 1950's?
I've seen a lot of older mic cables that have a grey or dull silver jacket....most of which I think were Belden cable. All the older cables i've seen have Switchcraft-style connectors too, as opposed to Neutrik (or any other brand). But that might just be my area too.
The mic came last night(if it had come 15 minutes earlier I would have had for the show)and it's beautiful, more than worth being broke!!!

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