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Really, that's about all you can do, or take a lint roller to it...a really big lint roller. Don't wash it. If it's really old it's probably no longer flame retardant there should be a test strip on it. There are companies that can re-treat soft-goods and doing a scrim is probably a lot cheaper than doing a big drapery but it is spendy and you'd have to ship it across the country as you are in Fresno and all the companies I know of are back East.

If there are really bad wrinkles or bad puckers let the thing hang for a few days. If they don't disappear use a Hudson sprayer and EXTREMELY lightly mist the area with HOT water. <and I mean mist. if you get it too wet you run the chance of leeching fire retardant out of the material and winding up with salt crystal forming and leaving a white stain.>

P.S. You can make a great soft goods lint roller using double stick tape and paint rollers. If you buy those really wide rollers it works even better.
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