Wireless Clear Com connecting to wired system

We are a small theater group in Kentucky and do not have much technical help.
How do we connect our HME DX200 to our Production Intercom MS-200 Master Station so the Clear Com and the wired systems can communicate with each other?
Any help in simple terms would truly be appreciated!!

The instructions in the HME DX200 manual are about as concise and simple as it gets.

2-Wire Intercom
Step 1. If using a 2-wire intercom, plug it into the base station at #27 or #29 (depending on whether a male or female connection is required).
Step 2. Depending on whether you are using a Clear-Com® or RTS® compatible 2-wire intercom system, position the CLEAR-COM / RTS TW button (#24) as follows: In position = RTS® Mode Out position = Clear-Com® Mode
Step 3. If you selected RTS TW, position the RTS CHANNEL select button (#25) to the desired channel as follows: Out position = Channel 1 In position = Channel 2
Step 4. Press the 2W/4W button (#18) on the front panel of the base station. The 2W and 4W lights (#7 & #8) above the button should go on. Turn the Beltpac/Headset power on. Press the IC button on the Beltpac/Headset and speak into the microphone. If you hear a delayed echo of your voice, adjust the NULL control (#28) while you are speaking until the echo is eliminated​

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