ClearCom/HM Electronics DX210 Interface?


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Mar 17, 2010
Door County, Wisconsin
We're looking to upgrade our production intercom system from our original (roughly 26-year-old) ClearCom wired base station and remote stations with a wireless solution - primarily their HME DX210 system. It looks all well and good, but as I read the user manual, I wanted to make sure I was inferring correctly: it seems like this can interface with our current wired ClearCom system, right?

The reason I ask is that I don't think we'd be able to switch all stations to wireless right away, but being able to include a number of wireless headsets (primarily on stage) with our current wired system would accommodate all users and start the transition process. Thanks for the input!


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Feb 15, 2017
After 2 days with a Tempest system all I will say is "You can't hear me now!!"

NOTHING is as good a copper wire for stationary use (fly rail, too), stage manager, LX, follow spots, pretty much everyone except those users for whom a trailing cable would present its own hazard or production limitation.

Sure, FreeSpeak and other systems exist, but you pay a huge premium to cut the cord and get mediocre (at best) results. Tulsa PAC spent 2 years tweaking their FreeSpeak install (after taking out a Tempest system). Not HME, I understand... but I strongly assert that it takes a 100x the price of copper to cut the cord and get lousy results in exchange.
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Apr 16, 2012
Portland, OR
You can interface it with a Clearcom or Telex Mainstation.

Be aware that the DX210 can only have 4 full-duplex beltpacks at once. If more than 4 people try to talk at once someone will be locked out.
In addition, there is no option to listen to both IC1 and IC2 at the same time. There isn't a good way to send a call signal either.
We have had issues with range in our space.

Just a summary of my experiences.

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