Coemar SuperCyc 24


has anyone experienced any problem of excessive noise when the head is tilted slowly but not fast.

i have tried adjusting pulley tension and checking the optos etc but the noise is still there. the noise is not normal noise as the others aren't nearly as noisy.

any sugestions?

P.S. if you don't own a supercyc DO NOT GET ONE. they are unreliable, wander off into their own universe when they get bored and the logic boards are appauling
Super Cyc, Power Cyc, to my knowledge there is nothing on the market better to replace them with. At least you don't have to deal with the MSI 1800 lamp in having a horizontal burn lamp only in a fixture that is mounted in truss that at times is not horizontal.

In any case, should you wish PM or E-Mail me and I will forward you to some tech people that will know how to correct or work with this problem. Such fixtures are useful and no doubt very much out of the price range of most posters here.

In any case noise is not much an issue in comparison to what the fixture will do. Going wandering about would be but is probably an easy fix.

Hope it helps.

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