Coemar Venus LED Conversion

Feb 26, 2015
Prides Crossing, Massachusetts, USA
** The world's first Coemar Venus M4 LED Conversion !! ** ??

The video demonstration can be found here - this film was a pre-gig test. I did actually use the unit in short bursts for a while at the gig.

Uses 8 Cree CXA1820 Cool White LED arrays connected in series to two Recom RACD100-700A LED drivers also connected in series which produces about 280V at 1-1/2A !! - yes - keep your fingers away. Unfortunately, there's only two wires going from the Venus base up to the lamp holder so I had no choice but to do it this way.
I didn't want to mount the LED drivers on the UFO part - that would have been ugly.

The LED's are mounted around a 1-1/2 inch aluminum rod which conducts the heat away. Fans on the top and bottom blow a stream of air to cool the heatsink.

This was a non-destructive conversion - every effort was made to preserve the original parts. The only wires which were cut were the wires to the 220V fan in the base of the unit which was replaced by a 110V equivalent one. All the other fans have spade connectors so it was easy to change out these 220V fans for 110V. The lamp ballast and ignitor in the base of the unit was removed, but the crimped wire ends from those connections were reused. The ballast was mega-heavy !!

The LED lamp unit was constructed on top of an old MSR1200 ceramic lamp base which plugs directly into the existing lamp socket, so if ever the unit needs to, it can be converted back to the original setup with the MSR1200 lamp with very little effort.

The controller was converted to 110V operation by replacing the existing transformer inside with a 110V equivalent.
The internal color wheel is not installed in this video because the dichroic filters need replacing. I have replacement filters which I am going to install soon. Actually I think the pure white is pretty effective anyway !!

The only issue I have seen so far is that the new transformer does not have enough power to drive the motors at full speed when all four motors are on. I will have to investigate this further.


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