College Apps, and the drunken posse that comes with them...

Hey everyone! I'm applying to a number of lovely colleges that I have yet to lay eyes on, and I know I need to get my portfolio ready for all those blind date interviews, and I'd like a little guidance to get me going in the right direction. Here are the eligible bachelors:

North Carolina School of the Arts
Emerson College
SUNY Purchase
DePaul University
Carnegie Mellon University
Ithaca University

Essentially, in that order. I have high doubts about being able to get in to CMU, it was sort of an afterthought (A good friend of mine is looking there for grad school and said it has amazing lighting technology), but it's not at the top of my list anyway, so it doesn't make much difference. I've mostly been drawn to NCSA (or NC Arts? I've heard both) by the intensity of their program, and I now have an aquaintance who's a dance student at the high school--I talk to her mother more, but it felt weird saying, "I have a friend whose daughter..."

Anyways, I'm applying to the generic Design/Tech areas plus lighting design, if it's offered, at all the schools. I'm also interested in Stage Management, but I honestly have nothing to put in a portfolio for that kind of thing. Actually, I am quite lacking in material for my portfolio other than photographs of productions I have done--both construction and actual show photos. I also have artistic photographs from my photography class which I took, by the way, specifically because NC Arts listed photography as acceptable artistic examples of lighting design. Now, of course, all I'm seeing is listings for sketches and painting, all of which I perceive as skills of scenic designers, which I am not. Because I don't have the technical elements, I have read that it's easy enough and acceptable to just make up some drawings: drafting, designs, etc. just to show your abilities.

Now that I'm done digressing...what do you think?
I have heard from several sources that Ithaca college has an excellent conservatory type program.
Have you considered the University of Virginia? It's a wonderful school - trust me!
I did look at UVA, but I'm more focused on smaller schools with more concentrated programs. I have been recommending it to some friends for other majors, like engineering and psychology. But thanks for the rec.

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