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Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone had used an old Color Pro from High End.
Apparently its a color changer in-front of 3 MR-16 lamps.

My (now old) high-school is getting 12 or 16 of them donated (with all control/cable/etc.) and I was wondering how good they are.

A post on Light Network told me that their not so powerful for a stage wash, but I was wondering if people agree or disagree.

Hope everyone had a great summer!
The only Color Pros I'm familiar with have an MSD 250 and do color mixing. There's 3 versions that do different things, but none of them have an MR-16 in them. Do you have a link to a website or something?
There made by high end. I looked on the high end site, and did a general google search and couldn't find anything.

I was looking for a data sheet, couldn't find one, so I'm now trying to work off of user feedback.
Hey Zac

I sent you an email with the manual and a schematic for the dmx converter to your email address listed on your web site. Let me know if you get it each doc is over 3 meg and I know some email systems don't like large attachments

They used either three ENH for 750 watts total or three ELH for 900 watts. Had an option for a fresnel lens Usually hard edge beam.

biggest issue is if you dont have the dmx controller
IF you need more information email Chris Litz Chris_Litz/at/highend/dot/com
he can help you out

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