Coloram Calibration Trouble


Sep 12, 2014
Washington, DC
I'm having an issue calibrating Coloram scrollers on an ETC Ion. I am familiar with the calibration process, but the scrolls are so far off that when I attempt to calibrate them, they are automatically assigned to the frame previous. For example, Frame 4 displays what is actually frame 6. When I try to calibrate, the frame is assigned to 3 instead of 4 because I have had to wind back so far on the encoder wheel. Is there a away to assign particular frames when calibrating? I don't think it's a re-tensioning issue.


Sr Product Manager, Chauvet Professional
Oct 19, 2007
South FL
What Mikey said. Build your own pallette with the proper value for each unit.


CB Mods
Jan 11, 2007
Lititz, PA
If they are that far out of calibration, are you sure that you have the correct gel string selected in patch? It sounds to me like the desk thinks there are a different number of frames than the scroller actually has.

That said, you can end manual calibration values in patch for each scroller. Or when you are in live, you can move the string manually until just before it changes frame numbers, hit calibrate, then move it again, calibrate the same frame, and so on until you are correct.

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