ColorBlaze72 Single Color Flashing Cell Problem

Caroline Uy

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We're in tech for a show and have ColorBlaze 72 LED strip lights both in the air and on the groundrows. We've been having a problem with certain fixtures, in that a random cell in the fixture the blue LEDs will flash every so often. The cell is always random, but the color is always blue.

My house manager and I swapped out the fixture that was giving us problems in the air and placed a new fixture in, and the new fixture is working fine. The fixture we took out is now sitting in his office and after plugging it in for around an hour or so, it is not having any kind of problems at all. Additionally, when we swapped out the "problem fixture" from the air and put a new one in, two fixtures on the groundrow started exhibiting the same problem, despite being fine the day before.

We're a bit stumped regarding this. Any input at all would be a great help in starting to troubleshoot this. If more information is needed, I can certainly find it out and include in.

Caroline Uy

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It sounds like a data issue. Is everything properly terminated? One unit could have a bad DMX chip that is corrupting the data.

I'm not sure that it could be a data issue, as wouldn't that corrupt the other fixtures further down the line? Or at least the whole fixture would probably flash, rather than individual cells (and individual colors within those cells). Additionally, the units individually seem to work, as when they are in the house manager's office and such; it's just when we install them into the theater that certain ones start to give us problems.

To answer your other question, they are properly terminated.
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How are they addressed? What mode are they running in? While sitting in your office on, do you have it hooked up to a console and turned on?


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Check your cables. It sounds like a wire is loose somewhere.

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