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is there anyway i can make the socket for an FMR tighter? i went to change one for out little theatre but the lamp kept falling out.
FMR lamps and sockets:
Had to check my notes as to what a FMR was. Not a normal lamp for me. Interesting lamp, wonder why they went with this lamp type, certainly not the most efficient type of lamp that could have been designed into the instrument.
In any case, once a bi-pin lamp base of this type becomes loose, there is not much you can do about it but replace it. GX/GY/GZ 9.5 lamp bases are fairly common similar and cheap to buy but there is no standardization in it’s mounting type or position as opposed to a more standard G 9.5 which probably will not work thus you will be best off going back to Colortran/Leviton for a direct replacement. Such a lamp base should be no more expensive than a replacement lamp on the other hand and quite reasonable in price.
i have some fel/flk sockets i could uses, but that would be putting 1000W in a 600W instrument.
Different animals. The wattage rating of the "TP-22" socket is not much of an issue because you can always put a higher temperature rated socket into a fixture of lesser wattage - just don't do the reverse. Instead it's a problem of mounting holes of the lamp base being similar and longer seat height of that distance the lamp base which will jack the lamp up above it's normal seat height. This given the lamp itself will have good contact with the pins which it would not on theneutral size. The neutral wire should be going to the 2.4mm pin, a TP-22 socket has both the same size. See the notes below in pin length in the difference between the G-9.5 commonly called a TP-22 socket, and the GY 9.5 socket. Read the differences line by line.

In addition to this note the pin shape. A G-9.5 socket uses two pins of a certain dia. that are the same size. Any type of pin other than this in the GX, GY, or GZ range might or might not be similar and most likely are not. Sometimes they will fit, in this case you won't be able to install your old lamp into this new type of base, nor will installing a FEL series of lamp work due to it's much longer center of the filament length and seat height.

Can be done no doubt with some modification, but heavy modification that if it's not perfect will trash the image. Much easier to just use the proper lamp base. Sounds similar nowhere near similar.

G9 = Bi-Pin Base w. Pins 9mm oc. 4.4mm Long and 0.5mm in Dia.
G9.5 = Medium 2-Pin (w. Heat Sink for HPL)3/8" o.c. bet. Pins / 9.53mm oc. Bet. Pins 15/16" at top of Skirt and 24mm wide at horz. width Pin Dia is 3.17mm at 11.4mm long. (LCL at Bot of Ceramic/Alum Base - Where Pins Come Out)
GX9.5 = Skirted Medium Prefocus 2-Pin Pin dia is 3.2mm x 8.4mm Long, 9.5mm oc. (LCL at Bot of Ceramic Base - Where Pins Come Out) Note: Porc. Alignment/Spacer Pegs coming out of Base at Bot. This 9.5 Base is Larger Rectangle than GY base, with Center Alignment Slot Pn Dia is 3.17mm DIN #49638, IEC #7004-70A
GY9.5 = Skirted 2-Pin Medium Prefocus Pin Dia is 3.2mm & 2.4mm, at 9.53mm oc. Pin Length is 8.6mm, Skirt Width is 30mm. (Higher Wattage) (Base Makes Cross Shape) (LCL at Bot of Ceramic Base - Where Pins Come Out) (Smaller Shape than GX 9.5) IEC #7004-70B, AnSI #C81.61-1990sheet 1-369-1.
GZ 9.5 = Pins are two different Dia. 3.2 & 2.3mm Dia. 8.6mm Long Porc. is 24mm Wide. 2-Pin Prefocus (LCL at Bot of Ceramic Base - Where Pins Come Out)
GZX 9.5 = Lamp Base w. 9.5mm oc. pins 3.2mm Dia, 8.6mm Long and on Center a Large Valley in Porc. Socket bet. Pins. approx 8mm Deep
GZY 9.5 = Lamp Base w. 9.5mm oc. Pins 3.2 & 2.3mm Dia, 8.6mm Long and on Center a Large Valley in Porc. Socket Bet. Pins appx 8mm Deep
GZZ 9.5 = Lamp Base w. 9.5mm oc. Pins 2.3mm Dia, 8.6mm Long and on Center a Large Valley in Porc. Socket Bet. Pins appx 8mm Deep

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