Colortran Ellipsoidals & Gobos


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Has anyone used any Colortran 5/50 Ellipsoidals with steel gobos? If so, how was the projected image? Was it crisp when you wanted it to be? Did you have to purchase any special adapter for the gobo?
I have never used the Colortran but I think the optics should be close to a 360Q, which I have used. The projected image was o.k. It was clear, but the contrast wasn't as good (between projection and surface) as you would get from a higher performance instrument. Still acceptable though. The really intricate ones tend to not look as good as simple things like breakups. I doubt you will need a special adapter as long as you have the correct gobo holder. Again, I think an Altman 360Q holder would work but I'm really not sure. Since the Colortran's have aluminum reflectors, the gate area really gets hot, so don't be surprised if your gobos get some pretty bad warps, or even burn-throughs by the end of their run. Make sure your lamp is centered and aligned correctly too, this will effect the amount of heat in the beam and the amount of halation on the projection.
I have found that Colortran Ellisoidals will not accept "universal" gobo holders. I believe a donut sharpens and focuses(make it smaller) the image a gobo projects.
Yes, donuts slip into the gel frame and sharpen the image by cutting off the stray beams of light. The donut for a source four or SL / Shakespeare would have about a 2" aperture. If you order a donut for a colortran, be sure to specify a 7.5". The most widely used donuts are about 6.5" square which are designed for higher-end ellipsoidals.
i just put in a flower gobo in one of our colortran ellipsoidals. its got a nice focus. i just wish i could adjust the placement of the lamp in the reflector.
it doesn't have a center adjustment knob on the back?
it has that but i want to be able to focus it. our other coves lights are strands and those you can move the lamp foward or back.
Ok, so I got the gobo. I'm never used one before, so I'm not sure where to put it. Does it go in the gel frame? It's way too small for that. THe directions say to put it in my ellipsoidals Gate.. whats the gate? Help!
Well, you first need a gobo holdre. Rosco makes them in varying sizes. Get the one of the proper size for your ERS. Now stick the Gobo in the Gobo frame upside down, because the beam will flip later on. Then put the entire fram assembly into the gap that should be about 1 cm wide near the shutter handles. It;s now goboed.
Actually I didn't need to purchase a gobo holder, it has one built in a guess.

Is it normal to smoke at first, and listerally turn orange when it's in the light? Because ours does! How long do your gobos normally last before having to replace them?
no, just a little puff or two. Stopped after a couple minutes. I called GAM and they said it was perfectly normal.
zackw250 said:
Actually I didn't need to purchase a gobo holder, it has one built in a guess.

I am not familiar with this fixture, but:
Are you sure that it has a "built in" holder. I don't know of anything like this. There should be a slot at the top of the instrument that the gobo and the gobo holder slide into. Are you going to be able to get the gobo out of the instrument easily? And by easily, I mean without turning it upside-down.

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