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Does anyone have this console as part of their lighting inventory? Does anyone else think its a big copy of an ETC Express but with a moving lights section? I just saw this at a high school....funny!
Unfortuantely, I design a show for a group that performs in a high school every summer, and they have a 48/96 Innovator...and it sucks!!! Being an express man myself, this console only deserves one word: tedious. It takes roughly 3 more keystrokes to do anything than it does on an Express. The interface is lousy and the moving light panel is just plain stupid. You might as well just put a piece of tape under the faders and label: X, Y, GOBO, COLOR, etc. If you are looking for moving lights from a conventional console, go Express, or Expression 3.
agreed, and we have noticed a glitch in the OS, that when it gets turned off one or more lights come on, and whats almost impossible is that sometimes they will power up to half, then 10 secs later go to full and back.
any guesses?
Do you also lose data everytime you power off the desk?
If yes, then replace the internal batteries(rather have a professional do it for you)
If no, just unplug the DMX cable when you power down and see if that helps.
Nope i changed the batteries in september, as we started to lose data, but i was told once, that there was a "patch" if you would that could fix the OS problem.
a good days drive the way i drive, a day and a half with stops and so on.
Hmm...Do you know of anywhere close to you(major university, advanced high school)with video conference capabilities?
i have video conference cap. i have a smart board with video option. aswell UNB is like 5 mins away.
Wow, I am not thinking today! A good webcam from a major electronics store and a high speed internet connection should suffice.
can you get it anywhere near the board? If so I can watch the commands and what happens when you do things that I prompt you to(via IM or phone)
what type of prompts? i'm just hoping that i don't have to upgrade the entire OS. if i have to do that then it's no problem as i sadly know that board too well. (i got clothes lined backstage during a power outage and the emerg. lights went out mind transport to the booth)
I have an Innovator 600 it is only good for holding down the cue sheets. The commands are harder than a ETC, takes a little more knowledge to get around inside the OS. The automated light controls are OK, even wrote definitions that worked inside and outside the console.
I recently got (was donated) an Encore 48/96, which is a big improvement over our old lightronics crapbox. I must say that it does have a slower learning curve than the express, but hey, it works. Instead of having two fader pairs, it's got four or five (don't remember right now, i'm not in front of it) seperate faders that you can load cues to (automatically or manually), and then fade them in manually or fire them off automatically. This is a good transition for our school from manual to preset control, and a good way to help the new techies learn.
Colortran has a hardware Upgrade kit for free available, and a new software version. That solved 99% of the issues at this High School I help out at. Check it out.
Not mine!!! I did install on my console, and still slow communication between Board and Dimmers about one second.

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