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Combining Eos-Ion show info

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Wolf, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Wolf

    Wolf Active Member

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    Cincinnati, Ohio

    So im wondering about combining shows from ETC Ion and Eos.

    - Specs: 1 ETC Ion | 1 ETC Eos | 10 automated fixtures | up to 350 dimmers | Color scollers | Gobo rotators

    - My situation: For one of are shows we go to another theatre to do the show. We have a limited time frame in the actual space so we pre-program the automated fixtures at our theatre. We rent an Ion and the theatre we go to has an Eos. We then continue to program and edit at the theatre.
    For the show we then run both consoles separately, with 2 operators.

    I would like to combine the two shows onto the Eos for show control after all the programming is done so it can be run by one person.

    - The question: How would combining the shows from the 2 consoles work. Would it need to be two different cue stacks with two different go buttons. Would the automated fixture channels need to be above the highest dimmer.

    Im slightly lost on how this would work so any information you need please ask.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. DaveySimps

    DaveySimps CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Performing Arts Center Manager
    Macomb, MI
    It is my understanding that you cannot combine the shows. You would need to program the on the same type of board, in the same show file for it to work. I will certainly defer to anyone with direct experience with these boards.

  3. avalentino

    avalentino Active Member Premium Member

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    Bandera, TX
    Your best option is to run both consoles on a network. You will want to set up 1 desk as user 1 and the other as user 2. You can then enable partitioned control in setup, define a partition for the lights you want the first programmer to use and a second partition for the lights of the second programmer. They should then program into separate cue lists. However, you are still saving everything at that point to the same showfile. When you want to bring the show back to just one Go, you can sync the second cue list to the first cue list with one command in the execute field in your first cue list.

    Where are you located? It's probably easier if someone explains how to set this up (its not very complicated, but faster with a verbal discussion).

    You CAN merge the show files via the import function. But if you have both programmers in the venue working at the same time, setting them up on a single network, programming into the same file to begin with, is faster and easier.

    You can either speak to one of our regional offices (any of the field project coordinators can talk you through this), or you can contact Matt Kerr in support in the Madison office.

    Hope that helps (or at least starts to).

    Anne Valentino
    Eos Product Line Manager
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2009

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