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Composer Program

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by Schniapereli, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Schniapereli

    Schniapereli Active Member

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    Provo, Utah, United States
    I just got back from a Shakespeare competition at Southern Utah University (our school took 1st in tech btw) and while we were there we saw The Tempest at their Randall Theatre. The play was almost entirely all underscored, and the music they used was amazing, so I asked some of the guys how they made it, and they said it was entirely synthesized with a program called Gigastudio from Tascam. I have looked at this program online, and have been searching for others like it, but with no success. I just want a little demo or free versino that I can play around with to learn more about it, and/pr possibly use it for small plays in our little theatre.

    Are there any good free ones out there?

    What is a good string to search by. (I have tried composer software, synthesizer, orchestral sampler, but I'm not exactly sure what you would call this type of program.)

  2. propmonkey

    propmonkey Well-Known Member

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    Beloit/Milwaukee, WI
    with mac you have garage band. maybe a similar midi controller.

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