Which Compessor is the better choice for US $150 or less?

  • Tapco Squeez

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  • Alesis 3630

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  • dbx 166XL

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  • other

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With my limited knowledge, I'd go with dbx, they seem the most reliable and best sounding. I have the Alesis 3630 here at home, and have been less than pleased with it.


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avkid said:
Alright, I am buying a compressor and need to decide between the Tapco Squeez the dbx 266XL and the Alesis 3630. If anyone has an argument either way spill it here.

dbx is the standard for medium to high end compressors and equalizers. Go with the dbx - you won't regret it.

By the way, shop around and see who has the best deal. Call a few places too; don't just look at online resellers.


Well-Known Member will give you a good deal, but you have to call/email them for it, because their prices are below the minimum advertised price.


From what I've seen, DBX compressors are really an industry standard. The sound-heavy touring shows that come through my university almost always spec DBX 160 compressors.

Not that DBX processing is always the best on the market, though. We were looking for a system processor and did a shootout between the DBX Driverack and the BSS Omnidrive. Everyone agreed that the Omnidrive sounded better with the same settings.

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