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I am in need of a way to make my laptop's mic in act as a line in for a tv capture card...I am looking for some type of adapter and have no problem building something if it'll work...

the sound has alot of extra noise it shouldn't over the mic in...i know that the two are not interchangeable but i was hoping it wouldn't have been this bad. any advice (excluding purchase an external usb thingamajig) is appreciated.


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thanks, the reason i want to stay away from them is bc i only use it to watch a little tv on the weekends when nothing is going on out here at college...I can live with the noise but would prefer to not have to. the cables that came with it only give im 1/8 for inputs (yes i know i can buy that to rca cables/adapters) but again i do not feel it is worth that...

edit: someone else i asked about this sent me this, lemme know what you think
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first of all you should try to disable the 20dB Boost setting available on most windows mixer settings (Check the advanced settings on the mic volume fader).
The schematics shown will work, but I think that -40 or -50dB is to much. And, don't forget that

- Mic Input is mono
- Mic Input often 'features' an limiter, which reduces audio quality
- Mic Input might carry DC voltage



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