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hey guys (and girls)

i was just wondering what you all thought of computer recording interfaces

i am thinking of buying one but not for the use of recording

i want to use it only for it's outputs so i can use it an old laptop that only have a 3.5 headphones jack

here is what i need

stereo 6.5 jacks out and maybe two inputs of the same kind

the best one i have found ( in my price range is the F-CONTROL AUDIO FCA202 by BEHRINGER)

any ideas?



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Can you please clerify what you are looking for?

From the sound of it, you are looking for a good quality sound card, nothing more...

If you are looking for audio, ProTools hardware and software are bassicly considered "industry standard"

Nuendo is a very powerful software suite.

But again, I am unsure what you are looking for...


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If you are looking for a sound card that is probably what to buy. If you are looking for a recording interface that is probably what to buy. Perhaps a Creative Sound Blaster Extigy is what you are looking for? It looks quite a bit more expensive than the Behringer interface you posted, but I would probably buy this over the Behringer. I haven't really looked into the Behringer interface but their gear isn't always the greatest.


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M-Audio and MOTU make quality audio interfaces - you might check those out.


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Alesis iO|2
I'll probably be getting one of Alesis' bigger iO interfaces soon, to do some basic computer recording stuff. And they come with Cubase LE.


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Don't the Recording devices have outputs to a computer?


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i don't need any recording software i am going to use the computer as a music server i already have a good audio setup with two mixers and speakers, anyway i digress

all i want to do is be able to plug server into the mixer without using the headphone point

i don't need any software


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Then what you want is a good quality sound card with either RCA or TR/TRS in's and out's.


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There have been many already mentioned in this thread, why don't you check them out?

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