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ControlBooth Member College Demographics

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by icewolf08, Nov 17, 2007.

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    CB Members College Demographics
    This is a great way for CB members to find the right people to ask about different colleges.
    Please add your college in between [noparse] and [/noparse] and then put your user name below contained in [noparse][user] [/user][/noparse] tags. If your college is in the list, then just add your name under it. List your major and grad year if you so choose.

    Austin College - Sherman, TX
    [user]jmabray[/user] - BA Communications Arts

    Bard College at Simon's Rock ("Simon's Rock College") Great Barrington, MA
    note: this is an early college that accepts students as young as age 14
    [user]punktech[/user] AA Liberal Arts '08
    [user]xander[/user] - AA Liberal Arts '03

    Bowling Green State University (BG Ohio)
    [user]Josh88[/user] - Design Tech and Youth Theatre/Puppetry '10
    [user]Sean[/user] - BA Communications in Theatre Technology & Design '98

    Boston University
    [user]Nathaniel[/user] - BFA Design & Production (Lighting Design) '13
    [user]Spader[/user] - BFA Design & Production (Lighting Design) '14
    [user]n1ist[/user] - MS Computer Engineering

    Brooklyn College, City University of New York - Brooklyn, NY
    [user]Steve B[/user] - Staff member at Performing Arts Center

    Broome Community College (SUNY CC) - Binghamton, NY

    Bucknell University - Lewisburg, PA
    [user]soundlight[/user] - BA Theatre Design & Technology
    [user]cshake[/user] - BS Mechanical Engineering '09
    [user]erichart[/user] - BA Theatre Design & Technology '01

    Box Hill Institute of TAFE - Melbourne, Australia
    [user]gcpsoundlight[/user] - Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events 2011 (Current)

    California State University - Fresno, CA
    [user]Vegaslites[/user] - BA Technical Theater

    California Institute Of the Arts (Cal-Arts)
    [user]Consultant4Theatre[/user] - MFA Lighting Design and Technology 1984

    Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
    [user]Shiben[/user] - '11 Theater

    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
    [user]MisterTim[/user] - '14 Electrical and Computer Engineering/Audio Engineering
    [user]damjamkato[/user] - '16 BFA Drama Design

    Catawba College-Salisbury N.C.
    [user]Goph 704[/user]- BA Tech Theater

    Central Washington University - Ellensburg, WA
    [user]Gafftaper[/user]- Continuing Education "Summer Institute" Masters in Theater Production Program for Teachers
    [user]CBR372[/user]- Freshman BFA Design and Tech

    Christopher Newport University
    [user]ColorfulFaces[/user] - BA Theater with a concentration in Design/Tech

    City of Westminster College
    [user] delilahdesanges [/user]

    Clarkson University- Potsdam, NY
    [user]Traitor800[/user] - BS Mechanical Enginering

    Cleveland State University - Cleveland, OH
    [user]kcraigie[/user] - BBA in Marketing, minor in Technical Theatre

    Coe College - Cedar Rapids, IA
    [user]tolienbosheit[/user] - BA in Technical Theatre '12

    Columbia University - New York, NY

    [user]n1ist[/user] - BS Computer Science '86

    Columbia College Chicago - Chicago, IL
    [user]Eboy87[/user] - BFA Audio Arts & Acoustics: Live Sound

    Cornell College - Mount Vernon, IA
    [user]HansH[/user] - BSS Theatre and Music
    [user]JWilsonLX[/user] - BA Theatre

    DePaul University: The Theatre School at DePaul University - Chicago, IL
    [user]JKvanbeck[/user] - BFA Lighting Design '11
    [user]SAWYeR[/user] - BFA Lighting Design '12

    Emerson College: Boston, MA
    [user]iLightTheStage[/user] - BFA Design/Technology (Lighting focus) '05
    [user]DHSLXOP[/user] - BFA Design/Technology (Lighting Concentration) '14

    Emporia State University - Emporia, KS
    [user]kiilljoy[/user] - BFA Theatre

    Fort Hays State University - Hays, KS
    [user]llecount[/user] - On Staff, Performing Arts Center Technical Director

    Full Sail University - Orlando, FL
    [user]teckboy[/user] - Show Production and Touring BS

    Georgia Perimeter College - Covington, GA
    [user]bull[/user] - Pre-Medicine/Chemistry

    Hope College - Holland, MI
    [user]echnaret[/user] - BA in Theatre and Computer Science

    Illinois State University - Normal, IL
    [user]Thommyboy[/user] - BS Theatre Education, BS -Theatre Design and Production

    Illinois Wesleyan University - Bloomington, IL
    [user]jessamarie[/user]- BA Theatre with concentration in technical direction

    Indiana University-Bloomington, IN
    [user]Stryker87[/user] - Theatre with a concentration in Technology

    Ithaca College - Ithaca, NY
    [user]icewolf08[/user] - BFA Theatre Production Arts: Technology
    [user]Mutton[/user] - BFA Theatre Production Arts: Technology '14

    Kent State University - Kent, OH
    [user]phil000[/user] -BA Theatre -spring 2010
    [user]Benjamininja[/user] - BA Theatre Studies (possibly BFA in lighting design or scenery) '13

    Longwood University - Farmville, VA
    [user]Drmafreek[/user] - BFA Technical Theatre '00

    Lynchburg College - Lynchburg, VA
    [user]Drmafreek[/user] - Assistant Professor

    McCllelland College - Frankston, VIC (Aust)
    [user]Listerofsmeg[/user] - Visual Communication and Theatre

    Michigan Technological University
    [user]cbrandt[/user] - BFA Entertainment and Theatre Technology

    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    [user]Footer[/user]- BFA Theatre: Design and Technology

    Milwaukee School of Engineering - Milwaukee, WI
    [user]MNicolai[/user] - BSE, Electrical Engineering

    Minnesota State University, Moorhead
    [user]DavidAhumada [/user] - B.A.Theatrical Design and Technologies

    New York University, NYC
    [user]Meatpopsicle[/user] - BFA, Film Production

    Niagara County Community College (SUNY CC) - Sanborn, NY
    [user]1kfresnel[/user] - Theatrical Arts; Audio Recording

    Niagara University - Niagara Falls, NY

    Northeastern University - Boston, MA
    [user]airkarol[/user] - Electrical Engineering

    Northwestern University - Chicago, IL
    [user]TheSwami[/user] - BA, Theatre/Math

    North Carolina School of the Arts - Winston Salem, NC
    [user]Mbandgeek[/user] - '12 Lighting Design
    [user]Zac850[/user] - '10, Lighting Design
    [user]millamber[/user] - BFA Lighting Electrics 2000

    Oakland University - Rochester, MI
    [user]DaveySimps[/user] - BA Theatre Production 2002

    Orange Coast College - Costa Mesa, CA -Community College
    [user]cdub260[/user] - '93-96, General Ed and Theatre - Transfered to UC Irvine

    Oregeon Institute of Technology - Klamath Falls, OR
    [user]FMEng[/user] - BS Electronics Engineering Technology 1986

    Ouachita Baptist University - Arkadelphia, AR
    [user]MarshallPope[/user] - BFA Graphic Design with Theatre emphasis 2008, now on staff

    Pacific Lutheran University - Tacoma, WA
    [user]FMEng[/user] - on staff of PLU since 1987

    Pennsylvania State University Berks Campus
    [user]drummerboi316[/user] - B.A. Theatre 2013

    Plymouth State University - Plymouth, NH
    [user]bosox242[/user] - BA Theater, Theatrical Design/ Tech Option (Lighting)

    Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
    [user]museav[/user] - BSE Acoustical Engineering
    [user]KevBot[/user] - BS Electrical Engineering + Theatre Minor

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Troy, NY
    [user]fredthe[/user] - BS Electrical Engineering

    Roger Williams University - Bristol, RI
    [user]Sony[/user] - BA Theatre (Lighting Design)

    Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA
    [user]JBrennan[/user] - BA Theatre Arts - Emphasis in Lighting and Technical Design
    [user]Reynolds[/user] - BA Theatre/History

    Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY)
    [user]Joshualangman[/user] — Theatre Department (SLC does not have majors)

    Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning - Oakville, ONT.
    [user]Dionysus[/user] - Theatre Arts Technical Production

    State University of New York College at New Paltz
    [user]punktech [/user]-BA Technical Theatre

    State University of New York College at Oswego
    [user] katieeelauren [/user] - Theatre BA, technical/design track; class of 2012

    State University of New York College at Potsdam
    [user]urban79[/user] - MM Education

    Temple University- Philadelphia, PA
    [user]jglodeklights[/user] BA 2009

    Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, TX
    [user]RichMoore[/user]- On staff

    Texas State University - San Marcos, TX
    [user]Shawncfer[/user]-BFA Design/Technology - '13

    Texas Wesleyan University
    [user]Tex[/user]-BFA Theatre: Acting

    Trevecca Nazarene University - Nashville, TN
    [user]misterm[/user] - BA Theatre Education - '07

    Troy University - Troy, AL
    [user]StNic54[/user] - BS Communication Arts/Drama '02

    Truman State University - Kirksville, MO
    [user]JustinTech[/user]- BA Theatre

    Tufts University - Medford, MA
    [user]DarSax[/user] - BA Int'l Relations '11

    University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
    [user]cvanp[/user] - BFA Theatre: Design/Technology '12

    University of Alabama
    [user]Aerial[/user] - BA Dance '07

    University of California, Irvine - Irvine, CA
    [user]cdub260[/user] - '98 BA Drama

    University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL
    [user]bdkdesigns[/user] - BFA Design/Technical Theatre
    [user]alyx92[/user] - BFA Design/Technical Theatre

    University of Connecticut
    [user]BrianWolfe[/user]- MFA Set and Lighting Design 1985

    University of Dayton - Dayton, OH
    [user]joeb[/user] - BA - Theatre, BSE - Adolescent to Young Adult Education

    University of Evansville - Evansville, IN
    [user]sstolnack[/user] - BFA Theatre design/tech, emphasis in lighting, class of '15

    University of Florida
    [user]Grog12[/user] Staff (07-08)

    University of Georgia
    [user]CavezziMagnum[/user] - AB: Theatre

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), MD
    [user]smigit2002[/user] - BA Theatre: Design and Production '10

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    [user]blynch[/user] - BFA Theatre: Design and Production: Lighting and Scenic Design '10

    University of Missouri - Kansas City
    [user]TechnicalTheatreProf[/user] - MFA Theatre: Scenic Design

    University of Montana - Missoula, MT
    [user]bdkdesigns[/user] - MFA Theatre: Lighting Design

    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    [user]Grog12[/user] - MFA

    University of Northern Colorado
    [user]Grog12[/user] - BA

    University of Notre Dame
    [user]BA[/user] - Communications and Theatre 1981

    University of Oklahoma
    [user]Dally[/user] -BFA Theatre: Technical Production

    University of South Dakota
    [user]DuckJordan[/user] -BFA Theater Design and Technology

    University of Texas at Austin
    [user]Esoteric[/user] - BA Theater '04 - 4 years as a PA in Electrics and the Scene Shop - Moving Light Program Graduate - 5 year employee of UTPAC

    University of Vermont - Burlington, VT
    [user]xander[/user] - BA Theatre '07

    University of Virginia - Charlottesville, VA
    [user]JKvanbeck[/user] - MFA Lighting Design '13
    [user]mbenonis[/user] - BS Electrical Engineering '09
    [user]StNic54[/user] - MFA Lighting Design '05

    University of Washington - Seattle, WA

    University of Waterloo - Waterloo, ONT
    [user]sk8rsdad[/user] - BASc Electrical Engineering

    University of Wisconsin Colleges - Online, WI

    University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, WI
    [user]Mirrai[/user] - BA Theatre: Technical and Design Theatre

    University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI
    [user]Dillon[/user] - BS Computer Engineering
    [user]KevBot[/user] - MBA Strategic Management

    University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, WI
    [user]mrtrudeau23[/user] - BFA Design and Technology of the Theatre '11

    University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, WI
    [user]farmerjo1111[/user] - BA Theatre and Computer Technology '04

    Virginia Commonwealth University
    [user]AdamBair[/user]- BFA Lighting Design '98

    Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, VA
    [user]jmac[/user]- BSEE, '77
    [user]ScottT[/user]- BA Theatre Arts (Design)
    [user]mbenonis[/user] - Electrical Engineering (Masters/Ph.D. Candidate)

    Wayne State University - Detroit, MI
    [user]Drmafreek[/user] - MFA Scene Design '04

    Webster University - St. Louis, MO
    [user]Pie4Weebl[/user] - BFA Theatre: Lighting Design

    Western Illinois University - Macomb, IL (WIU)
    [user]Consultant4Theatre[/user] - BA Comprehensive Technical Theatre 1981

    Western Washington University - Bellingham, WA
    [user]Sparkinium[/user] - Technical Theatre Major

    Westminster College - Salt Lake, UT
    [user]CrazyTechie[/user] - BFA Technical Theatre

    Wichita State University
    [user]NevilleLighting[/user] - Faculty

    Willamette University
    [user]Jinglish[/user] - BA Computer Science '14

    Yale School of Drama
    [user]JBrennan[/user] - MFA Technical Design and Direction '15
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