ControlBooth Sessions at NAMM We Believe in Music Week!


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As part of NAMM's Believe in Music Week, we'll be chatting with friends and colleagues across the industry tomorrow about the business side of working in theater. Then on Thursday, we'll be talking about the different paths a career in theater can lead you down.

Join us for the virtual panel discussions at 4pm EST tomorrow and Thursday!

Thanks to Entertainment Rigging Services, LLC and Production Advantage, Inc. / VLS for sponsoring, and everyone below for contributing and helping put this together!

Session 1: Hitting the Go Button on Your Entertainment Industry Career
Date and Time: 1pm PST / 4PM EST – Wednesday, Jan 20th


Description: Technical theater lures people in who have a passion for the arts and cannot get enough of that adrenaline rush of opening night or of a headliner taking the stage to a cheering crowd. Most entering the industry feel uncomfortable and unprepared when it comes to making important decisions about their career. Opening a dialogue about the capital-“B” Business side of the industry is how we strengthen our community of peers and lay a foundation for advancement.

Session #1 Panelists:

Session 2: Entering Entertainment: Charting Your Course Into The Industry
Date and Time: 1pm PST / 4PM EST – Thursday, Jan 21st


Description: Theater design & technology, themed entertainment, and event production are both personally and professionally fulfilling career paths but there is no single roadmap for how to enter the business or which direction to travel once you’ve started. Theater education, internships, engineering, and gigging can all be launchpads toward a lifelong adventure in the arts and entertainment business.

Session #2 Panelists:

  • David Silvernail, ControlBooth, Founder (@dvsDave )
  • Ethan Gilson, Entertainment Rigging Services, Owner, ETCP Certified Rigger Theater (@egilson1 )
  • Michael Trudeau, Northwestern University, Lighting & Sound Technician (@mrtrudeau23 )
  • Alesha Hollatz, Universal Creative, Associate Project Manager – Beijing
  • Mike Nicolai, TLC Engineering Solutions, Venues & Acoustics Consultant (@MNicolai )

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