Controlbooth vs SoundTrekkie


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Grr....don't start with that again!
mmm dead posts aren't fun to bring back

there normally gone for a reason

o well

so done any good productions lately (trying to keep it going as long as i can)


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dead posts aren't fun to bring back
there normally gone for a reason
That's the problem, old posts are not worthless, and therefore are sometimes worth bringing back. The use of the aforementioned term "necro post" is what I find annoying and rude.


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it's true that some things are helpful if people are searching for hints, it's why we have a search facilty, i suppose


If old posts weren't important why would the posters here keep telling people to use the search function. There's no point in disregarding a thread just because it's old. Or does theater change that quickly? Seriously.


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I'm sorry that I offended you. I am absolutely in favour of keeping and using old threads, but when someone brings back an old post to either make some comment that has already been made, say something like I agree or things along those lines which clearly have no benefit to anyone reading the post later on, then it is a waste of time and I think that the term necro post would be appropriate in that instance. Basically I'm using the term in the context of reviving discussion for the sake of it and not for any perceivable educational benefit to anyone...


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one month later

"yeah your right"

there is no point to a message like that


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yeah, but after a month people would have cooled their heels, all you are doing is reminding them of the argument or disagreement they were having

i would just let it go
despite me doing the complete reverse on this post

were both right but sometimes it's just better to let it die :)


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we have all had our fun but it is time we let it go

and yes i do know what i am doing

necroposting my own thing :)

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