Converged projector mismatch


I’m advancing a production requiring converged projectors for primary/backup.

Most of the venues either have a matched set, or no projectors at all (then I rent a matched set)

In the case where a venue has just one projector, I have been asked to match it.

Can I match a venue’s Barco UDX-W22 with a rented Barco HDX-W20? How’s the processing delay between the models? If problematic, is there a way in the PJ to delay the input by a frame or 2?
Generally, no. I'm not positive with those models, but that isn't a feature I have encountered in projectors.
the UDX-W22 is essentially an improvement on, and replacement for, the HDX-W20. it's got a different light source and a different, upgraded "brain" so an exact match between the two is going to be very challenging.

if you have exactly matched lenses and throw distances, your best bet is to try to get the UDX to "dumb down" and match the HDX, but i would not expect that to be easy. it could be impossible.

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