Converting MPX-DMX


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I am looking for a cheap way to convery an MPX signal to a DMX Signal.

I was wondering if there were any easy ways of doing this, could i rent the piece i need...or do i have to buy something..if i have to buy how cheap can i get it?
Given MPX is the NSI language, or a similar one, NSI/Leviton sells a very useful adaptor. DMX tools also does likewise given similar posts on this adapting of language topic.

Since such adaptors are out there on the market from the two or others, much less adapting one language to another is not in the extreme of difficulty, just about any supplier of equipment using one or two of the languages should be also able to custom build the equipment for you given they don't already have it on the shelf.

Given this, such adaptors should also be available for rental, but given a good adaptor will translate more than just one language to another, such a adaptor is both useful and a good investment to purchase given the normal price for such things is about what two rentals would pay for.
How much do they cost? Where would you suggest i buy something like this from?
Might reserach past posts on this subject. I know I bought my adaptor retail for about $130.00 but that was years ago. DMX tools being a member here would be of interest in getting a quote as I believe he has offered a discount.

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