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I don't know if there's anyone else up here in the Northwest besides Van, Fosstech and myself (and I think Fosstech's off at school right?). But for any within a decent drive of Seattle, PNTA will be hosting their second "Cinco de Mayo" Technology Social. It's on Friday May 4th from 1-6pm at PNTA.

They will have demos by reps from: Strand, Selecon, Color Kinetics, Lex, Mackie, ETC, Apollo, Coemar, Chauvet, Pixel Range, DeSisti, Leprecon, Lex, Sennheiser, Shure, "and many more"

Last year was a lot of fun. It's small and local so there's lots of time to really talk to the reps and get the information you want. My highlight last year was about a half hour with one of the designers from Selecon giving me the full product line tour. It sounds like it's getting bigger this year.

It's a free party but they ask that you E-mail: [email protected] to RSVP and for more info.

If you decide to come drop me a line too it would be fun to meet some fellow booth members in person.
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