Corn chips in the booth.


We all know better than to have food or drink in the booth, but you know how it is.
Opening night of a big dance recital. Lots of nice sets, props and costumes. The culmination of weeks of hard work. Last number of the 2 hour long show. Everything is going well and then ...
the CD starts to skip. It keeps skipping. There is absolutely nothing that can be done. We cut the lights and pulled the curtain. Later we looked at the CD and there were big greasy thumbprints around the outside edge. And right there next to the console was an almost empty bag of Fritos.
Be careful folks.
WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? your not supposed to have food and drink in the booth?? woops, guess we have been doin somethin wrong for a while. better go get those cans of red bull and bottles of mountain dew out, and go get all the containers of chinese food and cookies out of there then. we have had food up in our booth for a while, and nothing has gone wrong. i know liquid and electronics don't mix, but u gotta be careful. even techies deserve the right to eat :) yea, be carefull when working, but don't make it a no food period policy, up in a hot booth for hours on end doing a show, and u can't eat or drink, na, just be careful
We have a extremely large booth so as long as the food and drink are away from the equipment I think it is ok. I also allow water in bottles with lids you can drink through that won't spill.
HaHa, u guys are lucky...fridge in booth, and also a extremely large booth. If we had a fridge in out booth and the admin found out, we would be in some serious trouble, disciplinary action, inaddition to all our privaleges being stripped. And i wish our booth was larger, its crowded to begin with, then with people in it, its a pain. With 3 people in there its hard to move arround, and normally there are more than 3 b/c the techs like to hang there, and the actors come up there so the can touch everything, very annoying. people keep being kiked out (including myself) and its a pain. Part of the reason its so crowded though is b/c we got a tv up there, 3 comps, a very nice sound 24 channels, and a 48/96 lightboard, w00t. haha. then we have all our food and our sound console, and yea, theres alot of stuff in that small little room.
Yeah, our booth certainly is cramped. Strike after our last show did help a lot, though. I insisted that we drag *everything* out, and sweep, scrum, and wipe down everything.

I do believe that food/drinks should be allowed in the booth during non-show times, and drinks should be allowed during shows (I'd refuse to do a show without pink lemonade :p ), but care must be taken when said items are in the booth. For instance, during the last show I ensured that there was a big area to the right of the sound board for my lemonade so that if it spilt, it wouldn't cause too much of a problem. It all comes down to being careful, and making sure you don't insert corn chips into the CD player. Even if the chips are round. ;)

PS - Rocko, nice to see you on!
You'll find that it's never a bad idea to keep a duplicate of a CD for a show around. If the show is centered around the CD, then make a duplicate, load it in a second CD deck if you have one, or else have it in a case & ready if not.

It's not unheard of for me to have food in the control room, there's some space where it's not going to hit anything if there's a spill, and there's a desk on teh back wall which is generally equipment-free. I'd say that with three people in our control room, it can start to get a bit intimate.
*cough*...uhhh, yea....things get intimate in our booth quite often...*cough* normally the intamatcey is with only two people in there at a time...sometimes there are others, we have jsut gotten used to it now, haha
I don't follow you Rocko. I think your computer needs a glass of water LOL. Sounds interesting though. BTW, what grade are you in?

Top this guys: we have a couch in our booth at the Playhouse! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Boo Yeah
OK, the couch has a fair bit of clout. But, we have Aeron chairs in our booth at all the stations (lights, sound, stage manager, video mixing). Those things are seriously comfortable! Our booth is really bigh (it spans the whole width of our theatre) so we never have any oversrowding problems. We have had some interesting sights coming as we enter our booth, of a vert intimate nature (it's always dark in there, out of the way, you get the picture). Mostly, though, people just use the booth and the cats for storing their booze.
we used to have a couch- it was one that just showed up on our loading dock one day
Radman said:
I don't follow you Rocko. I think your computer needs a glass of water. Sounds interesting though. BTW, what grade r u in?

Top this guys: we have a couch in our booth! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Boo Yeah

uhh, well what im sayin is that one more than one occasion things have gotten alittle steamy up in the booth. u jsut get used to it after a while. and im in 10th grade, almost in 11th
Ah. Cool. Sweet. If ya ever seen family guy I have a quote from it:

Ohhh. OOOOhhh. OH! Oh...

Im in 9th almost 10th
Our booth at school is literally 9 square feet. Yes.
uhh, well what im sayin is that one more than one occasion things have gotten alittle steamy up in the booth. u jsut get used to it after a while.

i second that
about the CD:
I always import the CD tracks onto my laptop and play them off in iTunes. i do not trust CD's at all, and this is very nice when I'm running something like a lip sync and everyone is bringing me cd's I don't need to juggle them....

also, itunes does a fairly good job at taking out all of the track-bumps that happen, it may not sound beautiful, but it won't be horrible....

about the food:
at first I thought that the booth would be no-food or drink place, but that didn't work, so since i'm almost always up there when anyone is up in the booth I make sure that its away from the equipment.... I try to keep drinks only in re-sealable containers and food to something that won't go everywhere, and you need to put everything away from the equipment....
Yea, thats very true, but I have found that my laptop is more reliable then a CD player which can skip and such. For most shows I have a CD player somewhere that I can easily patch in.

I must admit that I am always a little paranoid that i'm going to have a dead laptop, but so far its still living.... and since I run off a mac i won't have blue screen errors.... other errors maybe, but not blue screen ones :wink:
What's the deal on mini discs?

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