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I am currently lighting designer of my high school's production of Dracula. In two scenes we have some special lighting we have gotten.

For a bedroom scene, we are lowering a chandallier into the room, this is the closest I can get to the model:

essentially, it is a faux crystal chandellier with 6 60W lightbulbs.

We also have a fake streetlamp in one scene that has 3 120W lightbulbs. I was wondering if I could connect those to the lighting system with a plug like this: a male stagepin to female edison.



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I would definitely use something with a short whip versus a solid adapter.
Use one for each fixture.
Just go buy or borrow(from your stock of course)the correct plugs and some 12/3 cable.


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Yes it will work.

But, Avkid's right. Experience will teach you that the flexible version is often easier to deal with than a solid plug. I checked Production Advantage's website and they have the opposite product listed on their website... male Edison/female stage pin for $15.50. I bet if you call them they can get you what you are looking for at about the same price. Or you can order the connectors you need from them and build it yourself.


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The other solution, which is much cheaper is just to cut off the edison connector from the lamp and replace it with a stage pin connector. Or you might see if the lamps can be purchased without a connector in the first place.


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The adaptor should be fine given this application. Reason most don't like all in one solid adaptors is because of the extra torque they do to panel mount receptacles. If suspended or in adapting one cable mounted plug to another - all is good. Just that torque by way of extra leverage on a panel mounted receptacle that is a problem in either assembly falling out of it or breaking it.

That's the primary reason why most use cord mounted adaptors - this in additon to cost.

Talk with an expert is a feature of the supplier listed for these adaptors.... what do the experts "on-Line" say??? Love to know what an expert would have to say about your question.

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