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Costuming video

Discussion in 'Costumes and Makeup' started by laurie johnson, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. laurie johnson

    laurie johnson Member

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    High school teacher
    Grand Junction, CO
    Looking for a video (a catchy, interesting one) to introduce non-theatre students to the importance of thoughtful costuming choices in a play. Suggestions?
  2. TheaterEd

    TheaterEd Renaissance Man Fight Leukemia

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    Near Milwaukee
    Here are a couple of clips from The Met. This is the original clip, and Here is a Behind the scenes feature. Has some additional info.

    Also, Mike Rowe did a spot on the costume department at Cirque on his show Someone's Got To Do It. It was the first episode, but finding a free copy has eluded me for years. Here is a link to Mike's Site mentioning it.

    I personally would love to see what videos other people use in the classroom.

    P.S. I also like this one for the insight behind Pinocchio's nose in Shrek

    P.P.S. The series Fly Girl is pretty insightful as well.
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